Field Trips

 I have been running geology field trips in Mull, Iona and Ulva since 2005. My first visit to Mull was on a geology field trip from St Andrews University in 1979!  I have a passion for the geology of these islands, but above all, I want it to be interesting and fun. Hopefully I can bring the landscape to life for you and you will go away, able to "read the rocks" and with a deeper understanding of the processes which created this landscape.

There are several types of trip on offer:

1) Individual Guiding

I can tailor a trip to meet your needs - we can look at the classic locations or if there is a specific area you are interested in I can take you to the area and go over the geology at your own pace. Contact me for details - information below.

2) Half Day Trips

There are many areas in Mull, e.g. Ardmore, Calgary, where a half-day field trip of 3 hours duration will introduce you to the geology and show you how to interpret the landscape and the rocks in a gentle manner without getting too technical. There are many locations that lend themselves to this type of trip and these are listed below,. Check the Field Trip Program for more information.

3) Day Trips

Some locations,such as Carsaig and Iona require a bit more time to appreciate the superb geology and I recommend a whole day to visit these sites. Many of the classic Mull sites fall into this category. Again, check the Field Trip Program to see what is on offer at any given time.

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Further Information:

For all trips, or individually guided walks, I supply all maps and material that I reckon is needed for you to be able to appreciate the amazing geology on offer. I have access to a vast resource of papers, maps, documents, memoirs of the Geological Survey etc. I like to keep up to date with the latest research where it relates to Mull so you can be assured that any information you take away is right up to date.

Contact Details:

James Westland,  
Isle of Mull
PA75 6PN



mullgeology AT msn DOT com




+44 (0) 1688 302513

Mobile: 07769712745


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